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The Title of this page is More Benefits

WDA have a proven track record in providing a Reasonable Adjustment Case Management Service to many long term clients in the public, private, voluntary, charitable, not-for-profit and community sectors. Some more of the benefits of our services are listed below:

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We help to reduce the line manager's workload by working "alongside" you and your colleagues in HR and occupational health. Our integrated and synergistic approach, ultimately increases your levels of skill and expertise in managing disability in the workplace.
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We provide expert advice and guidance on job re-design, alternative suitable duties, the provision of equipment and services to realise the full potential of disabled people for the benefit of the individual employee and the business.
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We assist in providing newly appointed disabled employees with the appropriate reasonable adjustments prior to appointment or as soon after appointment as possible.
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We empower disabled employees to improve their self-worth, respect and confidence and help them to feel more valued as an individual, a colleague and an employee.  By addressing negative attitudes and removing barriers, encourages openness in the workplace which in turn encourages other members of staff to identify their specific needs and requirements so that employers can implement appropriate support for all.
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We have the resources and experience to engage the appropriate workplace assessors when required for each individual.


“Creating positive partnerships to support disability in the workplace”

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